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Acadia Family Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We provide our community with
outpatient services, prevention programs and alternative arts therapies. We’re one of the only
opioid addiction facilities that accepts anyone, regardless of their ability to pay. Reach out to us
to learn more about the mission of Acadia Family Center.

Our quality of life depends on a healthy and caring population. When one adult finds a way to long-term recovery, we all benefit. When one young person grows up to live a life unblemished by addiction, we all grow in spirit.

Please support our vision for a healthy community by supporting Acadia Family Center.

Finances and Philanthropy

Acadia Family Center is a non-profit organization. At present, 30 % of our annual expenses are paid by clients and insurance, the remainder comes from the generosity of our growing ranks of supporters. We also benefit from an investment fund, presently valued at $ 1.1 million. This fund incorporates dedicated assets for assisting clients who require financial support, and for prevention education. We have received foundation support for special projects such as telemedicine, public education, and middle school programs.

One year of counseling costs approximately $5,000. One year of Suboxone is approximately $8,500. Our services are available independent of an individual’s ability to pay. Given the continual decrease in state funding, the number of clients having little to no health insurance continues to increase. Thus, our fundraising must continue to increase to cover the widening gap between total client revenues and the actual cost of treatment.

The need for these treatments in our community has increased dramatically over the past year - and we are the only agency on MDI providing outpatient treatment of substance use and related mental health disorders.

Prevention & Educational Programs

Since 1996, Acadia Family Center has held drug and alcohol prevention and education programs in regional and middle high schools on Mount Desert Island and in nearby Hancock and Washington Counties. These programs include resiliency and motivational training for teachers, administrators, counselors, and health care professionals.

Our ten-week course addresses tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, heroin and opiates and fosters discussions of honesty, integrity, resiliency, peer pressure and refusal skills.

We believe that if students are armed with this information, they will be better able to confront risks, resist temptations, and make better decisions. Teenagers learn best through experience, and our program engages students through active discussion and role-play. We help them discover the tools they need to live healthier lives now and in the future.

Currently, we are seeking to develop community-based tool kits that will support health and wellness among our residents

Public Education & Outreach

Our goal is to mitigate the stigma and shame associated with mental health issues and substance use disorders, to instill a broader sense of health and wellness. Led by our Trustee Education & Outreach Committee, we are committed to teaching and promoting prevention education and access to information and resources regarding substance use and mental health. We offer a conceptual framework of recovery as well as a vocabulary for wellness and personal integrity to create healthy pathways for communication within families, schools, the medical community and beyond.  For example, we have sponsored the following:

Second Tuesdays Series - Ongoing talks and discussions each month at the center on a variety of topics 

Free screenings of documentary films to raise awareness about drug and alcohol abuse, treatment and recovery.

Presence at public events to inform the public about Acadia Family Center

Free, public panels and discussions on substance use and mental health disorders awareness talks

To learn about other giving options, please call 207-244-4012 or email at