Make Technology Work for Your Family

No one cares more about your child's well-being and success than you do. In today's digitally-fueled times, that means guiding him or her not just in the real world but in the always-on virtual one as well. Teach your children to use technology in a healthy way and pick up the skills and habits that will make them successful digital citizens. From 2-year-olds who seem to understand the iPad better than you to teenagers who need some (but not too much) freedom, we’ll walk you through how to make technology work for your family at each stage of the journey.

Carolyn Wakefield
Medication is a start, but counseling rebuilds lives after addiction. :: Dr. Daniel Johnson, Bangor Daily News, August 2018

In the long battle against opioid addiction, medication-assisted treatment has risen as the gold standard of treatment options. Unfortunately, when many people think about addiction treatment, they focus on the two most well-studied medications, buprenorphine (the primary drug in Suboxone) and methadone.

There is no question that these medications have saved countless lives among those who suffered from an opioid-use disorder. I currently oversee a Suboxone program, have previously worked in a large methadone program, and have seen firsthand the benefits of these medication. But I don’t believe enough discussion has been given to the rest of the treatment that the medication assists.

Carolyn Wakefield
Alcohol: Killer in a Bottle :: National Council for Behavioral Health, August 13, 2018

Alcohol is a killer hiding in plain sight. While we demonize the use of other drugs, we celebrate with alcohol. It’s part of our weddings and graduations, our birthday parties and bar mitzvahs. Alcohol is a legal drug, and our own ambivalence about its use may stop us from talking about it with our family members, friends, coworkers and patients. But the consequences can be deadly

Carolyn Wakefield